Monday, 16 January 2012

Hampshire ticks just keep on coming - 16th January 2012

A Shorelark was seen yesterday at Hayling Oysterbeds late in the afternoon and reported to Birdguides this morning. I had already made plans to visit the coast this afternoon if I had time and so with not especially high hopes I arrived at the Oysterbeds. After a brief exchange of conversation with a Dorset birder we parted ways to look for the bird. Just a few minutes later I picked it out distantly on the shingle island, the first Shorelark I have seen in Hampshire and my fifth new Hampshire bird this year.
There is no way I’ll keep up this momentum!!

Unfortunately only two other birders were able to connect before it disappeared followed by the appearance of various familiar faces hoping to see it. I gather it didn’t show again until late in the day around dusk, but at least its still there.

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